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The only good system is a soundsytem!

After a first edition in the Elegast basement, Roots Dun Deep and Dub Chamber invite Big Toe’s Hi-fi! With three soundsystems in the UK, Canada and New Mexico these guys know what soundsystem culture is. They are in Europe this summer, and on July 6 they come to Deventer for Roots Run Deep. With a 20.000 watt soundsystem I guess that base (or bass) is covered…

Music styles range from reggae and roots via early dubstep and UK bass to oldskool jungle with a topping of drum ‘n’ bass. Line-up: Big Toe’s Hi-fi ft. Dangerman & Gospelfish, Moonstones, Dubchamber Amsterdam, Tromgeroffel, DSComfort, Lion Cult & Recoil, Rebound.

Tromgeroffel is Bart and me DJ-ing back to back, going for old skool jungle and whatever else we think is needed at the time.

The location remains secret for now, but sure is a nice one! It all starts early, in the end of the afternoon, and with a little luck we can light up the BBQ. The well stocked line-up ensures a party till dawn. Only 5 euro to attend! Who’s in?

Check Roots Run Deep on Facebook to stay informed.

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