Flavour Magazine

21/06/1999    Art, Design 2D, Design 3D, Light, Publications

Design and production of an art object for Flavour Magazine #2, a project by Mirjam van der Most.

“Flavour Magazine: publishing of a threedimensional artist publication. Ten artists are invited to make a multiple which are brought together in an A3 box, released in fifty copies. Every issue is promoted with a special presentation.”

The other nine artists in Flavour Magazine #2 were: Pauline Berkhout, Jeroen Hoekstra, Peter Leeuwerik, Linda Molenaar, Wessel Muller, Richard Niessen/HowToPlays, Harmen Sliep, Kirsty de Vries Reilingh, Xavier van Wersch.

I contributed a silk screened folding lamp-shade. The contents of Flavour Magazine #2 were presented in Plaatsmaken in Arnhem.

On the last picture from left to right: Mirjam van der Most, Wessel Muller and myself.