Academy exhibition 1997

30/07/1997    Art, Design 3D, Furniture

Academy exhibition and graduation of my experimental post graduate year interior architecture at CHK Constantijn Huygens (art academy) in Kampen, 1997.

This year had an overall theme: nursing homes. I took the liberty to slightly bend the assignments; instead of designing solutions for the inhabitants of nursing homes, I designed furniture that needs care itself, because it has typical human illnesses and disabilities, both physical and mental.

I designed several pieces of furniture in which I translated my view on the main characteristics of a certain illness or disability. The ones I actually produced are Dementiestoel and Dwarsleasietafel, the rest remain no more than a crude sketch.

I noticed that this furniture seems to have the ability to create some degree of awareness, because it forces the observer to take a fresh look at the implications of a specific illness or disability.

I presented this furniture and a large (A0) drawing of all the designs, in a space defined by a suspended curtain rail. I recently learned that this drawing is still on display somewhere in the art academy to this day.