29/05/2002    Art

Exhibition organized by id11 at Locus010 in the HUF-buiding in Rotterdam. The exhibition has a dynamic character: every work that is shown changes during the 4 weeks of the exhibition. There were also four weekend events, that at the same time functioned as opening of the weekly new phase of the exhibition.

I showed four alterations of Spreekstoel: ‘Bike for Microphone Volume Control’, ‘Bike for Microphone Volume Control and Backing Vocals’, ‘Bike for Microphone Volume Control and Distort Backing Vocals’ and ‘Bike & Speak for Lightshow Control’. The titles describe exactly how the installation responds to biking and speaking through the microphone.
The installation was also used to add an unexpected extra dimension to the speech at the opening.

Other artists in this exhibition were: Jeroen Buser, Dyane Donck, Barry van Druten, Dennis Happé, Ineke Kanters, Erik van Katwijk, Laurent Malherbe, Marije Mooren, Astrid Moors, Wim Schermer, Erik Urlings and Jake de Vos.