The Incident Room #1

05/01/2010    Art

The Incident Room is an art project initiated and curated by Patrick Mangnus. This first edition takes place in R10, Zwolle. I’m teamed up with video/sound artist Sandrijn van der Horst.

Together we have two weeks to work on a new piece of art in this R10 residency. After that it opens for the public. Other participants in this edition are Jeroen Diepenmaat and Sjoukje Gootjes.

Some time ago I went to R10 to check out the place, since I had never been there. It has plenty of facilities and workspace. I aim to use this workperiod mainly for research. Kind of reminds me of my art academy time. Sandrijn is an interesting and challenging partner in this project. I didn’t know him well, but was already very familiar with his work, which I selected last year when curating the Ontbos exhibition in CBK Apeldoorn.

After brainstorming and testing, we’ve created an installation work where soundwaves are bending and guiding reflections of a water surface.

And here’s a video registration of our installation. It’s an edit, the complete cycle is about 36 minutes. Due to compression for online use this isn’t the best possible view I’m affraid… but it still gives a reasonable impression. In case you’re wondering, you’re looking at a projection on a wall. Tip: hook up some decent speakers or headphones, before playing. Some of the frequencies are very low.

For the bonus experiment below we removed the mirror from our installation setting. This considerably reduces the light output and therefore it needs a fully darkened room (which wasn’t available in R10 by daytime) to be effective. But the interference patterns are totally different, so I wanted to show you this early development in possible future projects anyway. Again, not the best video quality and this time there’s no sound.