Oneliner galore

26/05/2010    Art

I’ve been trying to incorporate my love for text in my art for some time now. Apart from this work, I didn’t come up with anything that satisfied me. Until now.

I focussed on making short, multi-layered texts, open for personal interpretation. Which was actually a lot harder then I had imagined. Then I started thinking about the best visual presentation for the texts. Designed to spark a train of thought.

So far I have four prints that work for me. All of them are 50 x 40 cm. in size, printed in black on white paper and are framed behind glass (I needed reflections).

Three of them are based on the same principal idea and are to be shown at Toegang Vrij in The Bergkerk soon. I didn’t have time to document these prints yet, but due to the reflections of the glass and the subtleness of the prints, they are going to be extremely difficult to photograph correctly, so you’re better of seeing them in real life anyway. Just go there!

The fourth print is a bit of an oddball really… ‘Oneliner galore’ can somehow be construed as a graphical interpretation or titlework for this new series of short sentences. It is quite different from all the others I keep coming up with, but I felt it deserved it’s own print. When looking at it up close for some time, the lines and the letters seem to come alive… The photo’s below (yes, that’s me and my studio in the reflection) don’t have the same hypnotizing effect as looking at the real thing, but I wanted to give you a general idea, so here it is.

Work is in private collection.

Oneliner Galore