Untitled 1-3

07/06/2010    Art, Shop

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have tried to make some decent photo documentation of my prints currently on display in the Bergkerk. Because of the reflections and the subtleness of the prints this wasn’t easy… but here is my first attempt. It’ll give you an impression at least.

There are three works, they are all untitled. Basically they are short sentences in fine print on a black surface (40 cm x 50 cm). Because of the glass in the frames these black surfaces turn into very effective mirrors (as you can see). The typography is so small that you have to get real close to be able to read them.

I think the contemplative nature of these prints works very well in conjuncture with the vast space of the church they are in now. There is also sufficient approaching distance. Someone said they made him think of empty flatscreen monitors at first. I hadn’t noticed that visual link before, but I think I’m quite happy with it.