J’ee-haw! Compact Disc

13/12/2002    Art, DJ, Jee-haw

J’ee-haw! Compact Disc is a cd filled with 13 tracks of long silences, that occasionally get rudely interupted by the yell j’ee-haw!

However strange, this idea appears to have an endless list of possibilities. Because there is so much silence on this disc, you might even forget that you are in fact playing a cd, and it becomes impossible to predict the time of the next yell. The random or shuffle function of your cd player makes the unpredictability of this disc even greater.

It functions as an incentive, a gentle but firm interruption, it keeps you (and others) on edge, it is an unintended accent in any conversation, any occupation or any other interfering sound source. I bet you too can think of one or two applications for this fine disc right now…

J’ee-haw! presented J’ee-haw! Compact Disc for the first time at ‘Vet’ (Fat), a group exhibition in gallery Zechs, The Hague. We used a livesize billboard of a bodybuilder cowboy to present our disc to the unsuspecting public. The expo came with fatty french fries and phat beats by me…