J’ee-haw! ZZZZ-monument

20/03/2003    Art, Jee-haw

This memorial will be produced only once and granted to the first diseased person, who registered for the ZZZZ-monument, if the relatives of the person in question have been made familiar with this last will, and choose to contact J’ee-haw! in due time. The registered persons receive a document to be included with their last will.

“ZZZZ-monument is to be carried out in stainless steel and will be 80 cm high. Having a name, date and maybe a personal message on there is possible and is to be decided in consultation with the relatives. ZZZZ-monument is designed by J’ee-haw! and will be manufactured for production costs, but only if both members of J’ee-haw! are still alive at that time. Placement and transport of the ZZZZ-monument are to be entirely paid by the relatives, as well as the possible (re)adjustments and maintenance of the monument. It is recommended to inform if placement of such a derogatory grave monument is possible at the cemetery of your choice. We hope it won’t be necessary to produce your ZZZZ-monument anytime soon, but we do hope you win…”

Update: Registering for this memorial is no longer possible now, but we have three people who did register for it, so it’s not entirely impossible that the ZZZZ-monument will have to be produced at some point.