Website QI-kunsteiland

02/06/2003    DJ, Web design & development

Web design and development for QI-kunsteiland (QI Art Island), a major art event in the harbour of Rotterdam. The website was first located at but is no longer online. Graphic design by Marlies van Dongen.

“Tucked in the middle of the Port of Rotterdam, at Heijplaat, lies the peninsula of the former Quarantine Headquarters. Although businesses have gradually sprung up around it, part of the QI grounds have remained intact as cultural and historical heritage. Spread over 3 hectares of land and dotted among the foliage are seven buildings where artists, musicians and designers live and work. Over the past 23 years the QI grounds have acted as a production site for the Fine Arts, film, dance, music, architecture and inter-related combinations. The productions find their way to the outside world at national and international level.

The Art Island exhibits works of art on the QI grounds. Artists and designers from a broad range of disciplines work together or individually on a commission, based on the theme ‘Waterlife’. The works of art are specially constructed within the landscape and architectonic context of the spectacular peninsula. The artists may make use of any elements present, including the sprawling foliage of the QI grounds, the characteristic buildings, and the proximity to water as well as using materials and techniques from businesses in the immediate vicinity.

A lot of artists are involved in the Art Island: Peter Paul Ausems, Kim Boekhout van Solinge, Cathrin Boer, Peter Breevoort, Suzy Ann van den Berg, Margreet Bulthuis, Paul Cox, Noëlle Cuppens, Marlies van Dongen, Martina Florians, Malou Elshout, Liselot IJsendoorn, Lizan Freijsen, Marilou Galdermans, Maarten van Gent, Edwin van der Heide, Joost van Hezewijk, Jeroen Hoogstraten, Natasja van Kampen, Susanne Kriemann, Han Goan Lim, Martijn Boelhouwers, André van de Eijk, Maik Mager, Lilian Roosenboom, Agnes Roothaan, Egied Simons, Maki Ueda, Christiaan Verkuyl, Kamiel Verschuren, Jasper Niens, Paul van der Vlis, Anne Wenzel, Hans Wilschut, Marleen van Wijngaarden, Anke Wijnja, Barbara Witteveen, Jozef van Rossum, Hulya Yilmaz, Jildou Zandstra, G.G.M.G., Kim Zieschang, Fenna Stapel, Marieke den Dulk, Peter Kho Sien Kie, Arnold Schalks.

The artists who live on the peninsula participate in the project by collaborating or else by making their studio or outdoor territory available. Autonomous art works, sculptural constructions, multimedia and land art installations are created. They jointly form an exciting exhibition that can be viewed whilst taking an adventurous stroll.”

There were also a lot of very interesting performances to be seen troughout the exhibition period. I deejayed at the festive opening of QI-kunsteiland. You can listen to my set here.