Landtonen benches

02/05/2011    Art, Design 3D, Furniture

About a year ago, I was asked by Kunstenlab to design and produce four benches for the Landtonen project in Okkenbroek. Practically the only requirements in this assignment were that these benches should blend in with the rural surroundings and incorporate a few lines of selected text in the design. The budget was extremely tight.

I decided to go with tree trunks (how can you go wrong with lumber?) and contacted IJsellandschap to provide me with a local harvest of trees. It took some time but eventually I had four weighty pieces of wood I could work with (thank you Gerben). I removed the bark, chisseled square holes in the logs and fitted them with four classic coffee table legs each. I planed the seating area and surface milled the provided texts (by hand).

Oh well, you can see the results in the pictures below.

Special thanks go out to Josien in ‘t Hof (at Kunstenlab) and Ap Haverslag for initiating the Landtonen project, helping me with the positioning of the benches and providing me with all sorts of insights in the local community of Okkenbroek.