Studio Playlists 2011

16/01/2012    Curating

It’s that time of the year again. Or in fact, it’s already past that time of the year… I’m kinda late this time. Everybody who’s into music is making and/or reading lists at the end of each year. I usually try to keep as far away of listmaking as possible (what’s the use), but for Studio Playlists by Ron van der Ende I gladly made an exception again.

My 2011 list is here (in random order). It’s twice as long as I usually make them, but I had a hard time choosing. No harm done I guess. Oh, and this beautiful release in wooden box topped the cake packaging-wise:

Please do check the other Studio Playlists too. Find out what music got played by some rather interesting artists out there. I just did so myself and made quite a few new discoveries.

Studio Playlist 2011