J’ee-haw! Pand Paulus

10/01/2004    Art, Jee-haw

J’ee-haw! solo exhibition organized by gallery 300procent, in Pand Paulus, Schiedam. We presented: Vrienden van J’ee-haw! Galerie Prints, J’ee-haw! Remixed and J’ee-haw! Compact Disc.

We came up with two J’ee-haw! Remixed listening cabines for this exhibition, one for each J’ee-haw! Remixed cd. And our cowboy bodybuilder billboard was also on display again, to promote J’ee-haw! Compact Disc.

At the opening of this exhibition we arranged a live electro accoustic performance by Roel Meelkop, one of the remixers on J’ee-haw! Remixed.