J’ee-haw! Sunday Matinees

20/11/2004    Art, Curating, DJ, Jee-haw, WILLIE

J’ee-haw! exhibition at WILLIE in the IJsselhotel, Deventer, including five Sunday Matinees during the exhibition, with live performances.

We are presenting Vrienden van J’ee-haw! Galerie Prints, J’ee-haw! Compact Disc (with Cowboy Bodybuilder Billboard and J’ee-haw! Audioburst), J’ee-haw! Remixed (with listening cabins) and ZZZZ-monument.

The exhibition is open every Sunday, 13.00-17.00 hrs. We host five Sunday Matinees during the exhibition, with live performances by the following J’ee-haw! Remixers: Sasker Scheerder, Dion, Harco, Edwin van der Heide and Dr. Auratheft.

Sasker Scheerder

Passwort FM – a Secret Service: A valuable service to computerusers, allowing them to submit their most important passwords to an online database where, whithout human intervention, the passwords are translated text-into-speech and broadcasted in an hourly cycle onto a idiosyncratic radiostation. The user can localize the station and listen back his now forgotten password that was programmed to be read out at the user’s time of choice, in minutes/ seconds after the hour. For security reasons the location of the radiostation will vary regularly. Photo: Secret Console at IJsselhotel.


Hiphop extravaganza with Beatmaker/DJ Dion on the wheels of steel (with open mic!).


A long, freaky, but occasionally authentic country-set, injected with experimental electronics, supported by ever faithful companion MC Hobbe.

Edwin van der Heide

Live performance by Edwin van der Heide, preceded by the dj-debut of Jeannette.

Edwin van der Heide is working as autonomous artist in the field of sound, space and interaction. His original background is in electronic music. His current work is hard to define in the traditional terms of music, sound art or media art because he is permanently working on the edge and the characteristics of the used medium. In this sense the medium does not just mediate but is being explored, redefined, and finally composed with a musical approach involving a new communicating language. The fact that qualities of musical language are being used in development of the work does not mean that the presentation form of the work is related to the concert form known in music. The result can either be an installation, a performance or an environment.

Dr. Auratheft

URBI & ORBI, a sonic review. Big DANCEHALL vibes going on!

Here’s a bonus review of Dr. Auratheft’s sonic review by Rufus.K:

“This weekend I saw the most amazing thing. I was chaperonin’ Dr. Auratheft on a wild trip to Deventer, where he was enjoying the select elite of sonic connaisseurs of ethnic, jazz and most of all pumpin’ DANCEHALL action on the 4th J’ee-haw! matinee at artspace WILLIE in the beautiful IJsselhotel.

As I was minding my own business, drinking some tea, smokin’ some doobie, readin’ some book, chillin’ the fuck out to some real nice sounds, sunlight and sightseeing possibilities, I suddenly noticed this guy who I later learned, is the guy we all know best as the guy who’ll always come to everything in a certain place who got real happy when the first dancehall riddims reached his cavities. This guy was in the music. I know, I just can tell when someone’s in the music. And this guy was.

Anyway, this guy (who was now REALLY in the music and started playing the bongos who were, for some reason, situated right behind the DJ. He didn’t stop playing the bongos til he’d been jamming for exactly one-and-a-half hours to the ragga/dancehall vibe that Auratheft had layed out for us. Although he clearly wasn’t a bongo player, he sure was into music making.

Now here’s where it gets real sweet. As this guy began playing the bongos, this dog, who probably is the sweetest dog in the world, quit his continuous walking around and walked towards him, stood still at about eight feet from him, sat down and just stared at his friend as if he was thinking ‘I dunno exactly what you’re doin, but you seem to be having a lot of fun, mister!’. Mind you that this dog just sat still there and, seemingly impressed, watched his buddy for about twenty-five minutes, without moving. I don’t know what came over me exactly, but I guess it had something to do with the notion of ‘us being one’. I don’t know, it was really nice.”