Magnetron Cro-Magnon

13/07/1998    Design 3D, Theatre

Decor, sound, design and direction assistance for theatre play ‘Magnetron Cro-Magnon’, directed by Welmoed Bruinsma. Location theatre, performed in the attic of Almere College in Kampen.

The script developed through improvisation with the actors, materials and location. Timon Schellingerhout wrote the dialogues. Two lonely outcasts live inside a garbage heap. The audience gets to know them with all their peculiar habits and how they survive in their chosen isolation. Slowly they get to know eachother and learn to appreciate eachother’s company.

The decor was an actual garbageheap, loaded with lots of clever gadgets (supposedly invented by the two outcasts). The whole mountain of garbage had to be hollow though, so quite a lot of construction was involved.