New website for Lomechanik

17/06/2013    Web design & development

Some time ago I designed and developed a new website for Lomechanik. Jorg, the record label owner, wanted a much simpler design and an easier to use CMS. He felt the previous style didn’t correctly represent the musical directions of the ever expanding Lomechanik catalogue anymore. He requested something really basic, that would fit any direction the label might take in years to come.

I was very happy to help Jorg out on this one, because Lomechanik and my own record label Esc.rec. have worked together several times now and we share quite a few artists in our catalogues. We also have a very similar way of running our record labels, where the love for music always outweighs commercial interests, resulting in a steady stream of high quality, critically acclaimed releases.

The site went live a few days ago, after Jorg filled it up with content. The launch was directly followed by a brand new pay-what-you-want compilation that I recommend you buy: Lo Pack.