ONE-OFF T-shirt #7

15/10/2013    Art, Design 2D, ONE-OFF T-shirts


This is the design for T-shirt #7 in the ONE-OFF series. This one is kind of a brainteaser. Pro con artist… pro/con artist… This could be somebody who’s got a professional scam going. Might also be someone who’s excellent in weighing the pro’s and con’s of any given situation… And maybe it all means something else entirely. Anyway, this is it.

ONE-OFF: T-shirts with prints in a numbered edition of only one. Making them unique. One of a kind.

You can go ahead and order this T-shirt right now. Costs are 50 euro, excluding VAT and shipping. This (premium quality) T-shirt isn’t printed yet, so I can deliver your preferred size. Girlies are also an option. Order by sending me an e-mail.

Update: this T-shirt is sold. Next design will be online soon!