#buurmanspeaker project

28/01/2015    Art, Havenkwartier

Me and my family live in a nice house in Havenkwartier Deventer, where the walls are not overly insulated. This allows me to hear muffled impressions of my neighbour’s music sometimes. And vice versa. We both like our music loud from time to time. This is not an uncommon ‘problem’ I guess. Except in our case it isn’t, because we just so happen to like eachother’s taste in music. Generally. In fact, we occasionally use social media to request more volume and/or track ID’s when we hear something we like…

But even on high volume the listening neighbour mainly gets a lot of bass. Higher frequencies are lost in the walls. This gave me the idea for a new project. It seemed a bit weird and ‘haha-funny’ at first, but actually makes perfect sense. Today me and my neighbour took the final steps in installing the ‘Buurmanspeaker’. It’s a wireless sound system that allows me to tune in to whatever he is playing. And vice versa.

And wow, it works like a charm! We can now hear the neighbour’s music in great detail. It’s only a small mono speaker, but we don’t really need subwoofers for this, do we. We can get the bass through the walls (if it’s loud enough). We just started using this, but are already sharing titles and cover art through social media (twitter mostly). If you want to know what we’re listening to, search for #buurmanspeaker or #buurmanspeakertje. Excellent!

Thank you Lourens, for being our neighbour!