New instrument created and played by Eli Gras in De Perifeer

24/11/2015    Artist-in-Residence, Curating, De Perifeer, Esc.rec., Havenkwartier

The artist-in-residence period of Eli Gras in De Perifeer is over. She worked here for three days, creating a new instrument from scratch. Really quite impressive! The residency was concluded with an ACSH concert in De Perifeer, where she played her new instrument and named it ‘Floating Bridge Round Harp’ aka ‘The Egg’. Check lots more photos overhere.

I really enjoyed this project a lot. Not in the least because of the pleasant personality of Eli Gras. This was the first artist-in-residence I ever had in De Perifeer, which was quite exciting of course. Even though this was a pretty intensive working period for me too, I already decided I want these kind of dynamics in my atelier more often. So having artists working in De Perifeer might very well become a regular thing from now on.

But although Eli Gras has moved on to her next gig by now, this project isn’t finished just yet… After creating and playing the instrument, we’re now moving on to phase three. When she’s back in Barcelona, she will start editing and modifying the recordings of her concert, because the instrument she built is also going to double as the packaging of a 12″ vinyl record release. This very exclusive sound object is to be released on Esc.rec. as part of the Sediment series, in an edition of only one.