Website design & development Havenkwartier Deventer

21/12/2015    Havenkwartier, Web design & development

In 2007 I developed the first Havenkwartier website, based on a design by Bart Folmer, commissioned by the now defunct Foundation Havenkwartier. This website was focused mainly on the cultural activities, artists and creative entrepreneurs in the area.

In 2011 a new site was needed because Havenkwartier Deventer had entered the next phase of development. Logo, corporate identity and website were designed by Bestwerk, Studio Wonder and Bart Folmer, the website was developed by Dicode. The municipality of Deventer commissioned this website and they now worked together with me as editors of certain sections.

It’s now four years later, and we just launched our third website, because a lot has changed again in the meantime. Neighbourhood Association Havenkwartier commissioned this website, and it was designed and developed by me, retaining just the logo from the previous website design.

Some important new features are:

  • A lot of new and edited content.
  • A fully responsive design, making the site look good on all (mobile) devices and screen sizes.
  • A map and complete overview of what is located where in Havenkwartier Deventer.
  • Organizers of events can now upload these events to the Havenkwartier calendar themselves and news items can easily be submitted in a specific format, which reduces the workload for the web editor (me) significantly.
  • A more flexible CMS (WordPress).
  • An improved newsletter (Mailchimp).

I’m very happy with the result, which will also make my life as web editor of Havenkwartier Deventer a lot easier and more pleasant. Check the new website overhere.