Teaching at Corporeal, ArtEZ Master Interior Architecture

06/04/2016    Architecture, Education

Starting this Friday morning, I’ll be teaching at Corporeal, the Master of Interior Architecture at ArtEZ.

I was invited to develop a design workshop for their students, based on the fact that I once graduated in interior architecture myself, but over the years extended my professional activities to include art, sound, music, design, and so much more. I did this to a point where I now seldom enter the domain of interior architecture anymore, which is probably why this invitation initially came as quite a surprise to me. But I’m very excited about this opportunity to get dragged back into the study of interior architecture and share the knowledge I gathered in other disciplines with these master students.

Subject of the design workshop I developed is ‘accoustics and sound art in relation to (interior) architecture’. I’m teaching this course at ArtEZ in Arnhem from April 8 – May 27 and I’m really eager to start.

As an integral part of this workshop I invited Justin Bennett to come and talk about his work. This lecture/presentation (in Dutch) takes place at ArtEZ in Zwolle (Sophia building) on May 12, 16:00 and is open to other students and the public. You are welcome to attend! More information here.