Restore I (Thonet)

01/10/2007    Art, Design 3D, Furniture, Shop

‘Restore I’ is an unconventionally restorated original Thonet chair.

This chair missed one leg and the round piece that joins the four legs together. The restoration was carried out in multiplex(!), carefully pieced together to form a shape that resambles the original chair as closely as can be expected from this material. The chair is also fully functional again and it is in fact one of the most comfortable Thonet chairs I have ever sat on.

‘Restore I’ is to be the first in a series of unconventional (furniture) restorations. I will also work with objects on request. Please contact me if you wish to commission ‘restoration’ of your object.

Update: a few years later this chair became the perfect example of the ‘repair movement’ and featured in several exhibitions, a forum discussion about the subject in Milan and many publications.