30/10/2007    Art, Design 2D

The other day I sort of accidentily came in contact with Copa Classic, a t-shirt company with a massive focus on soccer. They mentioned that they are working with many different designers and are always looking for new input. So I decided to give designing a soccer inspired t-shirt a try… The idea of soccer minded people dressed in a t-shirt design by me, somehow seemed ironic (in a good way), because the game means very little to me.

That’s why I came up with Flussball (check pictures above). This (new?) German word roughly translates as ‘flood ball’ (a lot of balls), but it also sounds remarkably like fussball, which is how they say soccer in Germany.

Sadly though, Copa Classic turned down this design. Maybe I’ll try again soon… if I can find the time.

Update: later I did actually get this shirt printed. In an edition of one, as part of an exhibition. It was sold and is now in private collection. This also marked the start of an art project with one-off t-shirts.