New websites

14/03/2017    Web design & development

In the past few months I completed several new websites and modified several others. Since I didn’t find the time earlier, I’m just going to name two of the larger projects here. Coincidentally both are about discovering and developing talent in the east of the Netherlands…

Booster is a new website for a talent showcase festival and network day for musicians and music industry. The website is a very nice collaboration with marketeer Daniël Lugtmeier and graphic designer Camiel Voorn of Studio Wonder.

Nieuwe Electronische Waar is a new website for producers of electronic music in the east of The Netherlands. I’ve been working on this platform for a long time now, mainly via my record label. The website is a very nice collaboration with code specialist Leon Berenschot of Wendbaar, graphic designer Sander op den Dries of Studio Wonder, marketeer Bas Aaftink of productiehuis ON and project manager Luuk Neuteboom.