Cube Gallery

19/09/2018    Art, Shop

I’m happy to inform you that two of my artworks are now being shown in Cube Gallery. A beautiful location with an impressive collection, which holds several works by other artists I like very much. So my work is in excellent company overthere and you should definitely visit.

How Random – Is Random (v2)

‘How Random – Is Random’ is a work that splits roughly 350 Oriental proverbs in half, and randomly re-arranges them to generate a continuous flow of new wisdom. The results often suggest deep philosophical reflections, but they rarely actually are. The newly created texts sometimes trigger new lines of thought and hilarity.

This work is completely plug & play and only needs a power outlet. This video was shot on location.


On closer inspection this nearly completely black surface contains the text ‘it hasn’t happened yet’ in very small fineprint. A quote from William Shatner in a reflective void. A text in a black hole. Everything is wide open. It hasn’t happened yet. Is that a disappointing fact or a promise for a beginning? What will happen? Is something going to happen? Or is it happening now?

A print in an edition of one. Because of the highly reflective surface, photo’s are hard to make, but these were shot on location.