Radio silence

29/03/2019    Other news

It has been quiet here. Not because nothing is happening. Quite the opposite actually. I’m hoping to pick up the pace soon again with updating my website, but for the past year and a half I have mainly been busy with the construction of my own house, together with my wife (the photo was made when we got the key back then).

This huge project is not yet finished, but when it is I’ll probably post some photos here of the whole fascinating process… one of the largest projects I ever took on and a joy to work on.

In the mean time my other work also continued of course, but I couldn’t find the time to post updates about this, so now there’s a gap in my online documentation I guess. Sorry. But rest assured; I created plenty of new websites, designs and even some new art. My work with De Perifeer also continued (the amount of concerts even intensified), my record label Esc.rec. released several new albums, still making radio shows for Concertzender. Lots of (new) collabs too. All in all, business as usual.

But lately developments have slowed down quite a bit on all fronts, because of a nasty neck hernia. I’m told this takes time, so I’m very picky about new commissions and have to be super effective in the way I choose my battles. Frustrating I have to say, but it’s supposed to get better over time.

Anyway… here it is. A short update on current affairs. More to follow I suppose.