30/07/2008    Curating, Design 2D, Logo design, Poster design, Publications

During the Triënnale, CBK Apeldoorn organizes an exhibition with visual artists from Apeldoorn: Ontbos. As I mentioned before, I’ve been invited to be the guest curator and designer of this exhibition.

I’ve come up with the concept, the name, a selection of artists, a logo, a design for a banner, an image for the CBK flyer, a design for a poster, a design for a publication (20 pages, A5), a design for a billboard and an idea for the design of the exhibition itself.

Click here to view the publication!

The selected artists are: Linda Mosterd, Anne van As, Pier Pennings, Fred Anvelink, Marije Vermeulen, Ferry Staverman, Sandrijn van der Horst and Nicolette Klerk. Practically all of them present new work.

Bram van den Oever plays records from his extensive music collection during the opening. Hope to see you there!