VPRO Café Sonore: Motors of Invention

07/09/2008    Publications

A special four hour radio broadcast of VPRO’s Café Sonore about Motors of Invention on Radio 6. That is national radio. You can still listen to it in four sessions of an hour (don’t know how long the stream will stay up there, so be quick).

Amongst many other very interesting performances and interviews, this radio broadcast features a recording of Alan Purves playing my Rockin’ Chair. You can listen to it in the fourth hour. Comments on this show are by Lukas Simonis, who is a guest in the studio.

Motors Of Invention was a series of concerts, films and demonstrations in Worm, spread out over the month December in 2007, in which the creators of self invented instruments play a central role. Motors Of Invention was curated by Lukas Simonis, Pierre Bastien and Peter Taylor.