Workshop Warner & Consorten

20/11/1998    Theatre

5 Day workshop with theatre group Warner & Consorten in Amsterdam.

“Warner & Consorten is a theatre group that consists of sculptors, musicians, dancers and constructors. Their performances are without dialogue, but communicate in an original visual language, thereby appealing to the spectator’s fantasy. At squares, in streets and in parks, as well as in old factories and other special locations, dancing sculptures, visual music, absurd humour and spectacle catch both the unsuspecting passer-by and the hardcore festival visitor. In the performances, the audience is confronted with itself and with everyday situations and objects: washing socks, riding lantern-posts, dancing on mortar-tubs and improvising in the street with cash machines, fountains and stores. Besides that, music is generated from the weirdest materials: rain pipes, frying pans, plastic milk-jars, plywood saxophones and flower-boxes.

Each performance is intensively prepared in our own working space and still it is never really ‘finished’. Scenes are constantly in development and adjusted to the different environments in which they are played. During the performance we make use of objects and situations that are found at the place itself. Warner & Consorten’s working method is also used in interdisciplinary workshop projects. In these workshops, the participants learn to go beyond their own professional field and to use and transform each other’s material. The result of the improvisations is an abundance of ideas with endless possibilities.”