Quatre Mains Aléatoire

17/02/2009    Art

A random piano composition, played by four cd players.

One piano stroke per track, about 60 tracks (and some silences) per cd. The four cd players are set to play random and repeat.

The video shown above was shot at Uncollectibles, an exhibition in Kunstenlab. Although the video can give you some idea of what this installation sounds like, it’s still only a relatively short fragment and the sound quality is poor. You should probably realize that this installation never produces the exact same composition in a live situation for a very, very, very long time… Some pieces may sound like a child playing the piano, some pieces are silent and some pieces sound like they are actually composed.

I personally find listening to Quatre Mains Aléatoire (live!) can be quite addictive… just like looking at How Random – Is Random by the way.