Interview in Louder Than War

30/10/2020    Other news, Publications

I was interviewed for Louder Than War. Thank you Richard James Foster! And thank you Jeannette for taking pictures of me assembling the next release by Frond.

“Esc.rec. is one of the most intriguing labels in The Netherlands. The Deventer-based operation is one of a small but dedicated group of one-man labels (yes, it’s mostly men) such as Moving Furniture Records, Futura Resistenza!, and Tiny Room Records; who – if my inbox is anything to go by – seem to be able to release a record every week. They are vital to the wider ecoculture of the alternative music scene in the country and are pathfinders for a wider European network of avant-garde and underground artists. Hidden away outside of the Randstad and utterly dedicated to their particular cause, these are sort of actors who never really get the plaudits their unceasing work deserves.”


Medewerker van de maand: Harco Rutgers

17/06/2020    Other news

Poppunt Overijssel heeft mij deze maand tot medewerker van de maand gebombardeerd!

“In Overijssel werken we met veel partijen samen om het Overijssels talent zichtbaar te maken. Maar wie zijn de mensen achter de schermen die hier hun steentje aan bijdragen? In onze nieuwe rubriek: ‘Medewerker van de Maand’ zetten we elke maand iemand van ‘achter de schermen’ uit de Overijsselse muziekscene in de spotlight. Deze maand is het de eer aan Harco Rutgers.”

Lees hier het hele artikel.

RTV Oost

04/11/2019    Art, Curating, De Perifeer, Havenkwartier, Other news

Twee afleveringen van OverUIT de Kunst op RTV Oost, waarin ik achtereenvolgens prettige gesprekken/interviews heb met Jehudi van Dijk, Inga Tjapkes en Babet Olde Weghuis. De aflevering van 15 september is hier terug te kijken, die van 3 november is hier terug te kijken.

Radio silence

29/03/2019    Other news

It has been quiet here. Not because nothing is happening. Quite the opposite actually. I’m hoping to pick up the pace soon again with updating my website, but for the past year and a half I have mainly been busy with the construction of my own house, together with my wife (the photo was made when we got the key back then).


Gulden Adelaar

12/03/2017    Curating, Other news

Since last week I’m a member of the Advisory Board of the Gulden Adelaar, the cultural award of the city of Deventer.

Work in progress

16/02/2017    Other news, Web design & development

Besides many, many other things I’m currently in the process of re-arranging my portfolio and documentation database. And at the same time I’m implementing a new website design, matching the website of my venue De Perifeer. This might cause some pieces to be temporarily misplaced or missing or look a bit weird. It might take some time (there’s more work to be done), but it will only get better from here. And yes, I know you’re probably supposed to plan these things when work is slow, but that actually never really happens.