Tupper Light

27/03/2008    Design 3D, Light, Shop

This design is strongly related to Multitupper II. In fact it is constructed from the very same materials. And yet Tupper Light is something completely different. There’s nothing ‘multi’ about it. It is kind of the ‘light’ version of Multitupper II.


21/03/2003    Design 3D, Light

Koplampen (Headlights) is a commission for a light object utilizing two Citroën headlights, supplied by the client.



09/01/2003    Design 3D, Light

Wegwerk is light object made of three found road signals, wood and electra. The three lights can be switched on and off individually by plugging them in or out.


06/01/2003    Design 3D, Light

Multitupper is a modular light object, made of a plastic food container, a socket, a plug and a lightbulb.



02/11/2000    Art, Design 3D, Light

Geiserlamp (Geyser Light) is a light object made of a geyser. It makes a very delicate light pattern on the ceiling above.