Website QI-kunsteiland

02/06/2003    DJ, Web design & development

Web design and development for QI-kunsteiland (QI Art Island), a major art event in the harbour of Rotterdam. The website was first located at but is no longer online. Graphic design by Marlies van Dongen.


J’ee-haw! Compact Disc

13/12/2002    Art, DJ, Jee-haw

J’ee-haw! Compact Disc is a cd filled with 13 tracks of long silences, that occasionally get rudely interupted by the yell j’ee-haw!


Rotterdams Fabrikaat

24/09/2002    Art, DJ

Rotterdams Fabrikaat is an in- and outdoor exhibition in and around the Gouvernestraat, Kruiskade and Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam.