X-PO De Vasim

30/08/2003    Art, Jee-haw, Publications

Exhibition and festival at De Vasim, a cultural area in Nijmegen. J’ee-haw! presents: handmade J’ee-haw! shirts, J’ee-haw! Compact Disc, J’ee-haw! Remixed preview, ZZZZ-monument, special J’ee-haw! bites and drinks catered by café De Plak, and more…

There were over 60 artists, organisations and performers that participated in X-PO De Vasim. A small selection: Eric van de Pas, Christine de Jonker, Anne Reijse, Ronald Ubbink (IDEA), Bosjuweel, Nooitmeerhaast, OORzaak.

J’ee-haw! ZZZZ-monument

20/03/2003    Art, Jee-haw

This memorial will be produced only once and granted to the first diseased person, who registered for the ZZZZ-monument, if the relatives of the person in question have been made familiar with this last will, and choose to contact J’ee-haw! in due time. The registered persons receive a document to be included with their last will.


De Plak Placemat

25/09/2002    Art, Design 2D, Jee-haw

J’ee-haw! designed a placemat for café De Plak in Nijmegen. The image exists of Google search results for “de plak”, printed in different colors. The logo of De Plak emerges from the text.


Stop That Dream

16/08/2001    Art, Jee-haw

In ‘Stop That Dream’ I translated surrealistic dream images by Jeannette Knigge into short animations.