09/01/2004    Art, Jee-haw

Vrienden van J’ee-haw! Galerie Prints (Friends Of J’ee-haw! Gallery Prints) is the physical manifestation of the online version.


X-PO De Vasim

30/08/2003    Art, Jee-haw, Publications

Exhibition and festival at De Vasim, a cultural area in Nijmegen. J’ee-haw! presents: handmade J’ee-haw! shirts, J’ee-haw! Compact Disc, J’ee-haw! Remixed preview, ZZZZ-monument, special J’ee-haw! bites and drinks catered by café De Plak, and more…

There were over 60 artists, organisations and performers that participated in X-PO De Vasim. A small selection: Eric van de Pas, Christine de Jonker, Anne Reijse, Ronald Ubbink (IDEA), Bosjuweel, Nooitmeerhaast, OORzaak.

J’ee-haw! ZZZZ-monument

20/03/2003    Art, Jee-haw

This memorial will be produced only once and granted to the first diseased person, who registered for the ZZZZ-monument, if the relatives of the person in question have been made familiar with this last will, and choose to contact J’ee-haw! in due time. The registered persons receive a document to be included with their last will.


De Plak Placemat

25/09/2002    Art, Design 2D, Jee-haw

J’ee-haw! designed a placemat for café De Plak in Nijmegen. The image exists of Google search results for “de plak”, printed in different colors. The logo of De Plak emerges from the text.