01/09/2019    Art, Publications, Shop

I was invited to participate in the quarterly magazine of publisher Petrichor. Since this magazine is in Dutch, I’m guessing it’s mainly of interest for Dutch readers. If you can’t understand a word of what’s coming next, but would still like to know what’s up, please let me know and I’ll translate for you.


Cube Gallery

19/09/2018    Art, Shop

I’m happy to inform you that two of my artworks are now being shown in Cube Gallery. A beautiful location with an impressive collection, which holds several works by other artists I like very much. So my work is in excellent company overthere and you should definitely visit.


How Random- Is Random

13/03/2017    Art, Shop

Roughly 350 different proverbs of oriental wisdom, split in half and recombined at random by two digital photo frames, continuously spawning new wisdom.


Untitled 1-3

07/06/2010    Art, Shop

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have tried to make some decent photo documentation of my prints currently on display in the Bergkerk. Because of the reflections and the subtleness of the prints this wasn’t easy… but here is my first attempt. It’ll give you an impression at least.



Tupper Light

27/03/2008    Design 3D, Light, Shop

This design is strongly related to Multitupper II. In fact it is constructed from the very same materials. And yet Tupper Light is something completely different. There’s nothing ‘multi’ about it. It is kind of the ‘light’ version of Multitupper II.