Esc.rec. is my own (small, but critically acclaimed) record label and platform for adventurous music, founded in 2004. Quality standards are high and musical preferences broad. The physical releases are usually limited editions in esthetically pleasing, handmade packages.

In 2015 I started ‘Sediment’, a special series of Esc.rec. releases that is in a completely new ‘one-of-a-kind-art-object-directly-related-to-live-performance’ category, combining the best qualities of music and visual art. In time Sediment might turn out to be a separate (sub)label.

Besides releasing excellent music and art objects, I develop and support a variety of Esc.rec. related events, like the long-running Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH) concert series, The Diamond Exchange and various other concerts and concepts in all kinds of venues and (festival) locations, including my very own mini-venue De Perifeer.