04/09/2005 - 02/10/2005

J’ee-haw! expo in Kunstcentrum Hengelo. J’ee-haw! presents ‘Disco Disco Tralala (The J’ee-haw! Dancefloor Experience)’ and ‘Vrienden van J’ee-haw! Galerie Prints’.

‘Disco Disco Tralala (The J’ee-haw! Dancefloor Experience)’ is a very small wooden dancefloor with a disco light overkill that responds to the random occasional sound bursts of J’ee-haw! Compact Disc.

Other participant in this exhibition is Jeroen Diepenmaat with some weird turntable related installations. Jeroen Diepenmaat also happens to be living in the same street as Jeannette and me. We live on number 38 and he lives on number 30, hence the title of the exhibition: 30/38.

  04/09/2005 - 02/10/2005
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  Kunstcentrum Hengelo