~DIF #03

15/06/2007 - 17/06/2007

~DIF#03 festival at WILLIE in Deventer, with Sonic Wargame (live), Thomas brinkmann (live), TBA / Natalie Beridze (live), Jos Smolders & Jac van Bussel (live), Viezeverza & DB (live), Anne Bakker (live), Radion (dj).

~DIF#03 takes place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June and is a collaboration between Kunstenlab, WILLIE and Burgerweeshuis, which means that besides designing, I’m also organising and booking a lot for ~DIF#03.

  15/06/2007 - 17/06/2007
  Zie openingstijden
  10 euro