04/08/2005 - 07/08/2005

J’ee-haw! echo-o-o-kelder at Kelderkunst, Deventer: audio installation in a very old and small basement. The installation accumulates new audio layers every day the exhibition is open. The following day these layers are integrated in the existing audio structure. Located in the basement of Grote Overstraat 21, Deventer. The entrance is located IN the street, below the store window of Antique-shop Mona Lisa.

The exhibition was open for four days, resulting in a final recording with four overlapping audio layers. J’ee-haw! released a short edit of this audio registration.

Foundation Kelderkunst organizes yearly exhibitions and performances by local artists, poets and musicians in several basements in Deventer. Other interesting participants in the 2005 edition were Jeroen Diepenmaat and Femke Teussink.

  04/08/2005 - 07/08/2005
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