18/12/2004 - 19/12/2004

EI-CEL, a festival weekend in and around the IJsselhotel in Deventer, organized by WILLIE and Rockarty. There’s an ongoing exhibition with work by Babet Olde Weghuis, Maaike Folmer, Frank Prinsen and Bart Folmer inside the IJsselhotel. On Saturday evening there is good food and some nice chamber music by the Musica Silvestra Orchestra, followed by a massive party on a cruising cruiseboat on the river IJssel.

On the upperdeck: the very first esc.rec. labelnight (with performances by Double, Marius, slo-fi, and Harco). And on the lower deck: Patricia’s Greatest Synthesizer Hits, Radioactive Man, Coparck, Geigercounting, Radion and visuals by Pixelpasta. The festival closed on Sunday evening with the swamp rock of Planet Orange.

  18/12/2004 - 19/12/2004
  Zie openingstijden
  WILLIE / IJsselhotel
  15 euro passepartout