Focus 7

01/04/2008 - 16/05/2008

I’m participating in the Focus 7 exhibition in KCO, Zwolle. Focus is a series of exhibitions with a focus on art & design from Overijssel. The exhibition starts April 1st and ends May 16th.

I’m making two brand new (and improved) variations on Multitupperright now. I’m also showing Rockin’ Chair and Restore I (Thonet) and probably Klapraspkruk, which I still regard as the best of my older work.

Bart Folmer is preparing a percussive performance on Rockin’ Chair for the opening of this exhibition. I’ve listened to some of it already and if all goes well it will be quite amazing and totally different (again) from the other performances on Rockin’ Chair so far (by Alan Purves and Jan Wolfkamp). Expect more use of electronics and technoid loop-based rhythms this time.

The opening is on the 4th of April, 17:00. Don’t miss it!!

The other participants in this edition of Focus are: Fetsje Anema, Marko de Kok, Angeline de Jong, Philipp Wiynck, Els Mondt and Sanne van der Spek.

For more information check the KCO website, or download these two pdf documents (here and here), with the complete and very extensive Focus poster/brochure, including short interviews with the participants (in Dutch).

  01/04/2008 - 16/05/2008
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