Holodeck & J’ee-haw! event at Holodeck in Groningen. J’ee-haw! expo in gallery Brak with Vrienden van J’ee-haw! Galerie Prints, J’ee-haw! Remixed (with listening cabines), J’ee-haw! Compact Disc (with J’ee-haw! Audioburst and Cowboy Bodybuilder Billboard) and ZZZZ-Monument.

J’ee-haw! and Holodeck programmed performances by several J’ee-haw! remixers for the 3 year anniversary of Holodeck’s Clubplus+, which is Holodeck’s smashing club night. J’ee-haw! fitted Clubplus+ with a striped decor, similar to the J’ee-haw! trademark.

There were performances by Radboud Mens (live), Jos Smolders (live), HuMobisten feat. Der Versucher (live & dj), Toxic Chicken (live), Harco(dj), The Common People (dj), visuals by Zafari and special J’ee-haw! bites & drinks by Café De Plak.

Jos Smolders (live) – ‘From 0-120 bpm: Everything Must Go’, a very abstract and experimental set.

Radboud Mens (live) with an extremely danceable minimal dub techno set. Jos Smolders and Radboud Mens also improvised a live set together, a strong minimal dub techno set on acid.

Harco with a Rather Interesting vs. Nonplace dj-set.

‘Humor’ and ‘mind your own business’, that’s what it’s all about for the HuMobisten (Gyz la Rivière and Rufus.K). The HuMobisten take humor very seriously and use it to subtlely address social problems, important mondial events or remarkable social tendencies. But sometimes they just stop by a club and mix a bunch of records. Der Versucher is MP3J and plays along for this evening. The HuMobisten also made ‘HuMobiza 2005’, a special brand new remix of the original HuMobiza track on J’ee-haw! Remixed, including fab video and absurd but solid stage act.

Toxic Chicken with his sister Serafina Ouistiti (live) – rough electro, disturbing breakbeats and absurdistic strip act. Dare to be chicken, very pok.

Special J’ee-haw! bites & drinks by Café de Plak: Kat’ A Klop (sandwich on a stick), Whinny (vegetarian sandwich on a stick), Sushi Á Koko (vegetarian sushi), Daltons (non-alcoholic fruit punch), T’Plan (non-alcoholic cocktail with fresh mint), Piña Colada (secret recipe!), Lucky Shot (tequila with effervescent vitamin C tablet) and so much more tasty goodies…

You could listen to a live Clubplus+ stream through www.nauticradio.netand the whole event is very well documented by VPRO 3voor12. Photography by Jitske Annema and J’ee-haw!

  10 euro