Klapstoelen en Knipmessen

05/09/2004 - 03/10/2004

‘Klapstoelen en knipmessen’ (Folding Chairs and Pocket Knives) is an exhibition in Het Nationaal Vlechtmuseum in Noordwolde. A broad variety of folding chairs, seats, stools, snap objects and sitting tools for on the road are shown in this exhibition. The total selection is completed with a collection of pocket knives and scissors. I showed Klapraspkruk.

The museum also published a booklet on the subject, titled ‘Klapstoelen en knipmessen’ and there was a large article about the exhibition in the art section of De Volkskrant, including pictures of Klapraspkruk.

  05/09/2004 - 03/10/2004
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  Nationaal Vlechtmuseum