KOP Festival


Saturday July 14 it’s time for the first edition of KOP festival in Deventer. An exploration of our head where art and science come together in a cocktail of lectures, scientific experiments, music, workshops, theater and visual arts. The KOP-festival takes place in Burgerweeshuis, Filmhuis de Keizer and Dimence.

I was asked to provide some of the input for this festival. I’m happy to see that several of my suggestions have been adopted, like Fruit Power, Cardboarders and Femke Teussink.

Additionally I DJ/lecture about Music & Mind together with Fokko Dijksterhuis. What is music to our brain? What does our brain do with music? We both dived into our record collections and made some interesting discoveries. From cheerful pop music to cerebral performances. We do our best to explain our selection and invite the audience to think with us.

  Zie openingstijden
  Het Burgerweeshuis
  9 euro