At a Premsela design forum in Milan on 22 April, prominent figures in the field will discuss the value of an alternative to recyling: repair.

Speakers including designers Piet Hein Eek and Satyendra Pakhalé, Hermès director of innovations Corinne Poux-Bernard, and Platform21artistic director Joanna van der Zanden will share their views on the value of repair in the context of the global economic crisis. Author Marco Bevolo will moderate the discussion. Dutch Culture Minister Ronald Plasterk will introduce the event.

Held during Milan design week, the Premsela Design Forum takes Platform21’s current project, Platform21 = Repairing, as a point of departure. Platform21’s Repair Manifesto has been receiving attention in the media, and 20,000 copies will be distributed in Milan.

The forum will take place in Milan’s Romeo Gigli Café, which will also host exhibitions by ArtEZ and the Design Academy Eindhoven.

A photo (by Leo Veger) of my repaired Thonet chair is used to promote this event. Nice.

  Zie openingstijden
  Romeo Gigli Café