Quatre Mains Aléatoire (my random piano composition by four cd-players) was invited to perform live at the next MOMI-fest on June 12th, in Romein, Leeuwarden. Check this video of the Quatre Mains Aléatoire performance in Kunstenlab. It will be interesting to see how this audio installation holds up on stage in a pop venue…

Rest of the line-up: Phil Mills, TCTW and De Geweldigheid. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing De Geweldigheid (a fusion of Parkside and Jack Meoff and the Lockerroom Lovers) in action.

Update 1: De Geweldigheid was great (as expected)! And Quatre Mains Aléatoire did quite allright too, considering that you can never be sure of anything with those random compositions… Here are  some photo’s.

Update 2: The video below is a short edit of aproximately one hour of random performance. De Geweldigheid played right after Quatre Mains Aléatoire. I added their first song for the sake of contrast…

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