20/09/2002 - 29/09/2002

Rotterdams Fabrikaat is an in- and outdoor exhibition in and around the Gouvernestraat, Kruiskade and Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. Most of the artists that are invited to participate, are residing in Rotterdam.

I showed Vogelruis (Bird Noise) in one of the crowdiest outdoor locations, near Nighttown. Although the location is quite the opposite of the rural surroundings I originally created Vogelruis for, the sounds blended in beautifully with the traffic and other street noises. Vogelruis was on day and night for one week.

I deejayed at CBK Rotterdam during the opening of Rotterdams Fabrikaat, together with Dr. Auratheft.

  20/09/2002 - 29/09/2002
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