Ticket to the Tropics


Some time ago I had decided not to go to this smashing New Year’s partyin Havenkwartier. Instead I was really looking forward to be with my wife and two kids this year. But then it hit me. Since I live literally around the corner, I can do both. After celebrating the new year at home, there’s still plenty of party left to go to.

So I’m going to take a peek anyway. I’ll just be there a bit later.

Yesterday, when the partyhosts of Ticket to the Tropics got wind of this, they put in a last-minute request for one of my tropical dj-sets. I couldn’t resist this tempting offer and am whipping one up right now. Think Copacabana, Calypso, Speed Merengue, Tropicalectronica, Cumbia and Good Vibrations…

Update: listen to my dj-set overhere.

  35 euro