Toegang Vrij

28/09/2007 - 14/10/2007

September 28, 20.00: Opening Toegang Vrij 2007 in the old Stamacon building in Havenkwartier Deventer. Toegang Vrij is an exhibition (Deventer Salon) with 63 Deventer artists in the old Stamacon building (September 29 – October 14) and also an open atelier route in Deventer (October 6 and 7), organized by Kunstenlab and VBK. This means that besides showing some new(!) furniture work in the Stamacon building, I am also making my studio somewhat more presentable for the open atelier route in October. I’ll probably show off my more audio related work there. Like esc.rec. and (variations on?) Rockin’ Chair… and maybe some (live) music by someone somehow?

  28/09/2007 - 14/10/2007
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