Toegang Vrij

21/10/2005 - 30/10/2005

Toegang Vrij, Salon and Atelier Route in Deventer. The Salon shows works by local artists and takes place in the former Stamacon building in St. Olafstraat, Deventer.

J’ee-haw! participated in the Salon with a new installation: two portraits of ourselves wearing cowboy hats, both accompanied by our randomized J’ee-haw! yell. The former Stamacon building is very large, so we decided to place the two portraits and audio bursts in two seperate parts of the space that was available. This way you could here the yells echoing through the whole building and they sometimes even seemed to communicate with eachother over the great distance between them.

The atelier route is divided over 2 weekends: one for the individual ateliers and the ateliers in the surrounding area of Deventer, and one for the ateliers in the larger atelier buildings. This means I participated in the atelier route two times. Together with Jeannette Knigge in our own private atelier at home, and together with WILLIE in the IJsselhotel.

A catalogue was published about the salon.

  21/10/2005 - 30/10/2005
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